Amaad Private School

At Amaad Private School we strive to provide a high quality education and to build a bridge of success for your child using excellent knowledge, teachers and resources. we aim to provide balanced growth for every student, including positive values, enabling them to master new developments in a variety of knowledge areas.

Amaad philosophy

Amaad School aims to provide an education based on the cultural foundations of Omani society, with a vision that extends beyond the local horizon. Amaad is a traditional school with an international outlook.

Outdoor activities

Amaad Private School offers extracurricular activities including martial arts, swimming and horse riding. For all of these activities, the school provides suitable clothing and equipment, and assures parents that the facilities used are well maintained.

The facilities

The school provides excellent facilities that help the students learn and do in a smooth and comfortable manner thus contributing to success.

Why us

An International Outlook School

Amaad School uses modern international approaches to teaching and learning.

Multiple languages

Amaad School offers a bilingual education (Arabic and English) and French is part of the usual curriculum.

Equipped classrooms

Classrooms are light, airy and well equipped giving students optimum conditions for learning.

Multiple courses and curricula

Amaad School offers students a wide variety of subjects and extra-curricular options to contribute to diverse development of knowledge.

Activities and events

Students at Amaad School are provided with many opportunities to improve the development of physical, social and cultural capabilities.

Competitive prices

Registration prices at Amaad Private School are affordable for all families. We have special offers for students and easy payment systems.

Our goal at Amaad Private School is to provide an excellent education for the children of Salalah. Our safe and pleasant environment, together with well qualified and professional teachers, allow us guide and facilitate student learning in Arabic and in English. When Covid conditions finish, we will also offer French, Chinese and German lessons.

Joanna Fiedler

The Director

Because you deserve to shine.

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The students of the Amaad Private School participating in the Sultanate Championship in Muscat Governorate were honored under the supervision of Mr. Amer Al Shanfari and Najm coach

BOOK DAY Thursday March 5th BOOK DAY            Timetable for lessons 5-8 Lesson 5Lesson 6Lesson 7Lesson 8Ms HephzibahGrade 1Grade 4 1-4 outsideMs Roshni Grade 3 1-4 outsideMs ShinyGrade 2  1-4 outsideMs LailaGrade 4 Grade 2 1-4 outsideMs Shaza Grade 2 1-4 outsideMs Yathrep  Grade 11-4 outsideMs RehamGrade 3  1-4 outsideMs Bakhait Grade 1Grade 41-4 outsideMs Lisa  Grade 31-4 outsideKG classes will be doing some activities in their English lessons. Thursday March 5thDear ParentsAll classes are going to celebrate Book Day on March 5th.Ms Hephzibah and Ms Bakhait have organised some activities for the children – all about books.Please dress your sons and daughters as a character from a book for school on March 5th!PRIZE for BEST COSTUME

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