About Us

Our Educational Principles

  • The School aims for the balanced growth of the whole person, giving students positive community values and enabling them to keep up with new developments in different areas of knowledge.

In the field of intellectual development

  • To enable students to acquire the basic tools of knowledge and an understanding of essential concepts;
  • To develop his or her abilities to make objective judgments and derive logical results;
  • To develop student’s creative ability and their use of these skills in everyday life.
  • To equip students with effective language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing with understanding and awareness;
  • To give students the opportunity to form his or her own ideas in a systematic and organized way so he or she may solve problems;
  • To lead from the self-contentedness of childhood to the relative objectivity of adulthood.

In the field of spiritual development

  • To equip students with the necessary knowledge about the Islamic religion and its superior moral values that lead to faith in God;
  • To enable students to lead their life on the basis of Islamic teachings by word and deed, values and conduct;
  • To promote in students a sense of happiness and contentment with the pursuit of life through the development of higher aesthetic values.

In the field of emotional development

  • To develop in the student a sense of security and peace, respect for the school environment and acceptance of his or her own individual character;
  • To provide the student with opportunities to express himself or herself emotionally through writing, games, music, art and drama;
  • To nurture good ethical conduct and fine values in the student, so as to respect and practice self-discipline and rules of behavior while acquiring positive psychological attitudes such as self-confidence, the love of truth and an awareness of beauty in everyday life.

In the field of physical development

  • To cultivate the healthy  development of the body to reflect a healthy mind and psyche;
  • To promote varied sports activities for good health, positive social development and the elimination of negative emotions such as irritability and stress;
  • To provide the proper medical treatment of illness or injuries through trained school staff and a visiting nurse;
  • To maintain a healthy, safe and secure school environment in all areas of the school.

In the field of social development

  • To make students aware of social regulations and the functions and services that society offers to the individual;
  • To help students acquire the necessary skills to participate in group activities and to shoulder his or her responsibilities as an individual within the group;
  • To promote respect for the ideas of others;
  • To appreciate the significance of the Omani renaissance so that students have a sense of pride in their nation;
    To be open-minded about the values, behaviour and attitudes of other cultures.

In the field of preparation for a working life

  • To help students become aware of the country’s natural resources and the protection of the environment;
  • To develop positive attitudes towards work and the skills necessary to enable students to benefit from their leisure time;
  • To promote in the student an admiration and respect for productive manual work in the fields of agriculture, artisan-ship and other such occupations.

Our Shared Principles

  • The principles that guide our lives are based on our culture, sense of nationhood, positive vision of society and the potential of education to change us for the better.


  • These are derived from the philosophy of the Islamic faith, which emphasises high values. It is a conceptual and behavioural system guiding all aspects of life. It elevates the human being and encourages learning as well as the welfare of the individual and the community.


  • The Sultanate of Oman is an Arab Islamic country whose loyalty is to God, the Nation and the Sultan. Omani people are one united, integrated and comprehensive family with no place for regional, tribal or ideological extremism. We use, first, the Arabic language for self-expression and communication; and place value on an informed awareness of facts, concepts and relationships. We value our environment: that is, the geographical, demographic, cultural and societal nature of Oman.
  • Omani people wish to develop an awareness of the origins of our cultural heritage and the positive influence this has on our country’s present and future development. They believe in the importance of citizenship and of accepting the consequent responsibilities.


  • Omani people believe we can serve the individual as well as confirm the unity and development of our society by promoting certain fundamental principles. We believe all Omanis have equal rights and duties, preference being given only to those who stand out by their contribution and loyalty to society.
  • The cohesiveness of our community and the preservation of this is very important for everyone, based principally on the concept and practice of social justice. The development of Omani society depends upon the organisation and well-being of individuals and the quality of good deeds we offer to the country.