Amaad Philosophy

Education Beyond Local Horizons


  • To create a place of learning that allows students to stand on a solid Omani foundation in order to explore, and interact with, the rest of the world

Guiding Statements

  • Amaad Private School strives for integrity in all actions

  • Amaad Private School understands the importance of a sense of self

  • Amaad Private School understands that every student can be brilliant

Our Philosophy

  • Amaad School aims to provide an education based on the foundations of Oman’s cultural inheritance, while looking beyond our immediate horizons for further enlightenment. We see ourselves as a traditional school with an international outlook.

  • The educational aims of Amaad School are to help young people become well developed, mature citizens with a true belief in God, a pride in Oman and a strong belief in the importance of education for personal development and achievement.

  • Amaad Private School offers an excellent academic program in which students are encouraged to learn about the world and its peoples with tolerance and understanding while maintaining appreciation of themselves, their religion and their cultures.

  • Environmental awareness and the impact of mankind’s decisions on our planet is also very much embedded within all strands of the curriculum, and teachers will ensure that students are always mindful of human actions which may have a positive, or detrimental, effect on the Earth.

  • Pedagogically, we recognize the many benefits of inquiry learning, use of materials and play based learning while acknowledging and respecting the benefits of explicit instruction.
  • The students are taught, and learn, using a variety of these methods tailored as much as possible to the individual needs of the students.

  • Children need to have time to appreciate their childhood at home, and to enjoy learning in school. Amaad School is homework free to allow students to make the most of family time.
  • Parents, however, are encouraged to read with their children at every opportunity.