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BOOK DAY Thursday March 5th BOOK DAY            Timetable for lessons 5-8 Lesson 5Lesson 6Lesson 7Lesson 8Ms HephzibahGrade 1Grade 4 1-4 outsideMs Roshni Grade 3 1-4 outsideMs ShinyGrade 2  1-4 outsideMs LailaGrade 4 Grade 2 1-4 outsideMs Shaza Grade 2 1-4 outsideMs Yathrep  Grade 11-4 outsideMs RehamGrade 3  1-4 outsideMs Bakhait Grade 1Grade 41-4 outsideMs Lisa  Grade 31-4 outsideKG classes will be doing some activities in their English lessons. Thursday March 5thDear ParentsAll classes are going to celebrate Book Day on March 5th.Ms Hephzibah and Ms Bakhait have organised some activities for the children – all about books.Please dress your sons and daughters as a character from a book for school on March 5th!PRIZE for BEST COSTUME