At Amaad Private School we believe that every student comes to school with the expectation that they will be able to learn. We do not expect student behaviour to be perfect because we value the innate character of children, but we do expect all students to respect their classmates and allow each other to learn. Teachers will judge when behaviour is appropriate.

When lesson disruption, or any sign of bullying, is detrimental to other students, the teacher will notify the office and the disobedient student/s will be removed and sent to the principal’s office.

Students in the principal’s office will be offered a chance to explain their behaviour, and each event will be dealt with individually.

If the event is considered serious, the principal will call the parents and ask them to come in and discuss the issue.

After three visits to the principal’s office, the parents will be called in, however trivial the offences. A breach of behaviour record will be kept at the school.

If student behaviour does not improve after parent meetings, exclusion of the student from the school is a possible action. It is strictly forbidden for any parent to punish any child other than their own while on school grounds. This behaviour will not be tolerated by school management.