Excursions Policy and Procedures


Amaad Private School encourages teachers to organise excursions to enhance learning and experiences for the students. As student safety is a priority, the following information outlines the procedures that teachers need to follow when planning a trip away from the school grounds.

  1. At least one week prior to planned trip, teachers are to submit a written plan of the day to the principal, explaining educational purpose and schedule of the trip.
  2. All students are to have written parental permission and provision must be made for students who do not have permission and need to stay at school.
  3. MOE approval must be given prior to any excursion – the deputy principal will be in charge of all ministry permissions.
  4. Teachers must consider provision of water (and food if appropriate), and first aid.
  5. Teachers must carry a class list with parent contact numbers.

      6.  Suitable transport arrangements must be organized before the trip.