Information and Communication Technology

We at Amaad Private School adopt Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a tool for learning and teaching. ICT aids our students to enhance their literacy skills and learning capacities using modern approach. It is approached in two ways — one as a teaching tool and another as a subject.

                As a teaching tool, ICT is used for providing the information that stimulate the environment for experiments, enhancing learning beyond the curriculum. We provide multimedia and e-content to acquire knowledge in a specific topic which are related to the subjects.

As a subject, we use an unique approach of integrating Computer Science with the core subject for all the classes –  IT-integrated Arabic, English, Math and Science.

Our school system is following outcome-based education in which each learning technique identifies a supportive content using Information and Communication Technology which provides beyond-the-curriculum content.

In addition to this, we intend to establish Technology Clubs which will be focusing especially on activities and experiments, inclusive of robotic systems and printed circuit boards (PCB), where the students could enhance their logical capacity using algorithm development and conversion of coding. Students can also exhibit their skills for game designs, animation processes, etc.

Our students use laptops with high-end processors suitable for hassle-free learning, which provides easy access and mobility – working on the move is more convenient than being confined to a fixed place as in working with desktops.


Students exhibit their ICT skills in digital painting and animation processes. Students with artistic and technical interest gain practical knowledge on a regular basis developing their skills.