Our delightful KG1 students have a bright and colorful classroom with a variety of play and learning equipment. The children learn in many ways – through free play, through organized games, through direct instruction and through simply enjoying being at school. Although they have one main teacher, they are exposed to other ways of teaching, and to other adults, through the lessons of science, IT, maths, English and Health – all of which are taught in English by different people. The lessons create a basic understanding of ideas and words on which they can build their later learning.
We can enroll students in KG1 if they are between 3 years 2 months and 4 years 8 months in September of the year of enrolment. The main aims of KG1 are to introduce children to a formal learning environment in a relaxed manner while nurturing their gross and fine motor skills by allowing them to use materials and textures, toys and games, and noises and their bodies to explore possibilities and their own capabilities.