Principal’s Welcome

A warm welcome to Amaad Private School.

  • Here at Amaad School we aim to provide an excellent educational service to the children of Salalah, offering students a safe and friendly environment with highly qualified professional staff to guide and facilitate their learning in Arabic and English. – and for the 2020/2021 school year and beyond we will be offering French, German and Chinese as additional languages.
  • This year (2020-2021) we are pleased to offer years 5 & 6 in addition to the KG1 – 4 that we offered last year. It is only fair that some older students are given the opportunity to attend this school and to benefit from its programs and pedagogies.
  • The international style pedagogy which we are fostering will ensure the children are receiving an education based on well-documented global best practices. In the early years the children will do much of their learning through discussions and explicit instruction to ensure a solid understanding of language as well as literacy and numeracy basics; this will transition smoothly into a more student-centred approach as the students develop their knowledge base and learn to be more analytical and independent learners. We will be continuing to use the materials as recommended by the Ministry of Education.
  • We aim to offer each child a personalised educational journey in a secure, cheerful and attentive environment, where each student is encouraged, as mentioned in our guiding statements, to be brilliant. For us, a brilliant student is one who is kind, diligent, thoughtful, ethical, attentive, hard-working, and considerate. We strive for this brilliance as equally as we strive for academic achievement; and we value neither of these above the other.
  • We believe that play and family time is vital for children’s development so we do not provide homework. For early primary students, there is a plethora of research which details the ineffectiveness of homework; and we are confident that our teaching during school hours is quite sufficient for young children to learn and follow the curriculum.
    Two or three times each year, we offer Open Days which give current and prospective parents an opportunity to come and watch the classes in action. Academic life continues as normal but with open doors – so we do ask that quiet is maintained. We look forward to seeing you here then.
  • The extra-curricular program is designed to provide the students with opportunities to discover other qualities and skills that they might have and, of course, to give them some enjoyment.
    For any further information please do contact us.
  • We shall look forward to hearing from you.
          • Joanna Vidler