ATTENDANCE POLICY      2019-2020


All students at Amaad Private School are required to attend school every day for two semesters each year.  Lessons are offered on most of these days, although there will be a few days every year set aside for such things as class excursions and practice for presentations.

In order to benefit from the education offered at APS, it is expected that parents will plan for their children to attend school daily, with exceptions for sickness and bereavement; and public holidays.

The academic year began in early September and semester one finishes on January 16th.

Semester two starts on February 9th 2020 and finishes on June 11th.

The school roll is taken daily, with late arrivals and absences being noted in student files . According to Ministry requirements, students who miss the first lesson are recorded as absent for the whole day, so parents are expected to make every effort to have students at school by 7.20 (or 7.55 for KG).

If parents take students prior to the end of the school day, these occasions are also noted.

Parents are requested to notify the school if their child is away, or going to be away. For absences of longer than three days, parents may request extra school work.

If a student is absent for 3 consecutive days, without the school being notified, the office staff will telephone the parents to request reasons.

Missing one day of school every week equates to over 2 years absence during the period of compulsory schooling.