School Facilities

A variety of characteristic

Amaad Private School students have always been distinguished by their access to the most important facilities and activities. They have reached high levels of success and excellence.

Activities hall

A hall dedicated to work, learning, fun, and doing many different activities.

Computer Lab

A dedicated computer hall equipped with the latest advanced technologies and computers that help students develop their skills in information technology.

Sports arena

Sports is one of the most important activities that helps students grow and excel. There is a lot of fun and sport for every student and every day.

Martial arts

the perfect mind in healthy body. Martial arts help our students build a better athletic and social figure. And it gives them the fitness needed to build healthy and healthy bodies.

horse riding

Horse riding is one of the most enjoyable and useful sports for children, as it improves memory, learning and problem solving, so we are on an enjoyable journey for children to learn horse riding.


Swimming is an enjoyable sport for children with special needs.

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