Let Your Children Guide You Through Their Learning

December 19th at Amaad Private School


Today we had two major events: our inaugural Red/Green Team Challenge and Student Led Conferences


Red/Green Team Challenge

The school students, and the staff, have been divided into two teams and this morning they were initiated into the joys of competitive intra-school activities. As we were also celebrating Arabic Language Day, the first contest was  the singing of the Oman National Anthem. The Green team sang with more gusto and volume, but our music teacher, Ms Reham, decided that the Red team sang with more professionalism.


Event two was relay racing – as this was the first time for many children to do this event, there was some very amusing chaos, but the event finished with Green Team the (not very clear) winners.


The final event was the Hoop Game – where circles of children, holding hands, have to step and shrug their way through a hoop until the hoop is back where it started. Here staff intervention was very much in evidence despite the children trying their best not to cheat!!


Red team did just finish first and therefore were awarded the trophy – which will be strongly contested when we resume competition in semester two!



Student Led Conferences


Between 11 am and 1 pm parents were invited into the school to be shown, by their children, all about how and what they learn, to look at the work on the walls and to be a part of their classrooms.

Staff members acted as substitute parents for those children whose parents were unable to attend. Teachers were on hand in the classrooms, but responsibility belonged to the students to describe their lessons, their bookwork and their activities.

Many parents were pleasantly surprised by their children’s work and the enthusiasm with which they worked.

Teachers had prepared activities for the parents and children to do together and the classroom walls were covered in wonderful examples of student achievement.

It was a lovely occasion and delightful to see such excellent interactions between all members of the school community.


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